Monday, October 22, 2012

Is it real? How to authenticate a Hermes scarf.

There’s tons of “Hermes” scarves for sale on Ebay and masses of fakes too. People pay big money for fakes, some of them can be so convincing that even the seller thinks they are authentic. How can you separate the good from the bad?

The following guide is with thanks to “marietouchet” from the purseblog forums, I found her tips for authenticating Hermes scarfs invaluable:


Authenticating Hermes Scarfs

STEP 1 If you answer YES to ANY of these questions, then the scarf is likely a cheap fake:
  • Is an orange paper price (or product ID) tag attached to the scarf?
  • If in an orange box, is the scarf noticeably too small for the box?
  • Is the caretag sewn onto a location other at the corner and on the back of the scarf?
  • Was the scarf made anywhere but France?
  • Is the hem rolled toward the back?
  • Is the hem machine sewn?
  • Is the caretag fabric or sewing in any color but black or white?
  • Is the writing on the caretag in any language but French or English?
STEP 2 If you answer NO to all of the above, then count the number of these items that are already displayed in the listing text or photos
  • Copyright mark.
  • The words Hermès Paris.
  • The title of the scarf.
  • The artist’s name or signature.
  • An accent over the second e in “Hermès Paris” - it should be Hermès even if the word is in capital letters.

Using these tips, and the useful reference to all the Hermes scarfs (including the vintage ones) at Luxury Scarves, I spotted an authentic vintage Hermes “Poste aux Lettres” scarf by Hugo Grygkar with a starting price of $8. The seller had no idea what it was, and thought it was a promotional scarf of a relative’s trip to the suburb of “Hermes” in Paris, France! I wasn’t the only one to spot this, and the price went up quickly. I bet that seller's still amazed at what their old scarf sold for!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this! Using your post, I realized I had scored an authentic Fantaisies Indiennes scarf at Goodwill for $1.97!!