Monday, October 22, 2012

How to tie your Hermes scarf

When you purchase a silk scarf from Hermes, they throw in a little guide called “Playtime with your scarf” that shows all the classic ties you can do with your scarf, and a couple of unexpected ones too. For instance, did you know that you can make a halter top with your scarf?

But what to do if you purchased a vintage scarf (i.e. not from the Hermes boutique)? Or if you love Burberry, Liberty of London, Oroton or some of the other fantastic silk scarves that are out there?
Have no fear: the little orange book of scarf tying from Hermes is available for download from Hermes with step by step instructions for achieving all the looks.

Playtime With Your Scarf

My favourite that I haven’t tried before: the Ascot. Because there’s no dangly ends it works well with a high necked dress, creating a “scarf choker” effect.
* Now updated with new working link.  They moved it on us!

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