Friday, February 8, 2013

A Treasure from the Rubbish

I spotted a treasure in my mother's hard rubbish pile.  It had three broken wheels, dirt, spider-webs and was rusted all over.  I do regret not taking a photograph before just to show how bad it really looked.  It was so bad that I wasn't even sure that it was fixable.  I suspected I was making a mistake and actually left it on the rubbish pile for a week until I changed my mind and went back for it.

The trolley had belonged to my grandmother and had spent years and years (decades I believe) outside in the rain and heat in my mother's garden.  It had suffered but the design was just so beautiful I really felt it was worth saving.

My darling husband fixed it up for me and it looks amazing.  He pulled off all the wheels, scrubbed it all over with a metal brush, wore out the brush completely, and scrubbed it all over again with a metal sanding disk on his circular saw.  He said it was much easier the second time.  Then he spray painted two coats of white rust-proof primer.  We finished with a couple of coats of metal gloss spray paint and it's ready to rock!

I have plans for a tray on the bottom for my son's outside cars and trains and some pretty pot plants on the top.  We're in the process of building a pergola outside the laundry and this is where it will live when it's finished.  It will be undercover so it will hopefully last for many years to come.

PS I'm going op (thrift) shopping tomorrow to a store that's new to me that I've been told has lots of deceased estate vintage stock.  Cross your fingers for me!

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